Health & Safety

ISKL’s Commitment to Student Health and Safety

Health and safety is our utmost priority and at all times, our goal is to provide a safe learning and working environment for our students, faculty and staff, and those who visit our school. 

ISKL takes the protection of our children seriously. In keeping with our mission, vision, and core values, we have had in place Board Policies and Administrative Regulations that provide us with clear guidelines and procedures regarding child protection and safety. Our Child Protection Policy and Procedures ensures that everyone is aware of what we are doing to keep children safe… all day, every day.

Our school environment, culture, and rigorous approach to implementing our accredited health and safety standards are all integral components in supporting and safeguarding the students in our care, as well as our community. From on-campus security protocols through to our student health management system, a curriculum which teaches wellness skills, and responsive systems which monitor stress and workloads, there are a comprehensive suite of programs, policies, protocols and procedures in place to ensure best practice in this important area. Developed in conjunction with relevant Malaysian and international guidelines and regulations, our health and safety standards are supported by a school-wide network of experts who include school counselors, educational psychologists, medical professionals, learning support educators, and security and risk management specialists. 

Student behavior and discipline is guided by the Elementary School’s Melawati Way, Middle School’s Core Values, and High School’s Honor Code.  Each of these covers our expectations and approach to educating students about how to positively behave and interact in our community.

The ISKL Commitment

At ISKL we are committed to a code of behavior, which includes:

  • A safe and supportive learning environment;
  • Advice and counsel for every student;
  • Student accountability for all their decisions and behaviors; and
  • Efforts between students, faculty, administration and parents to work together.

Every student and faculty member is responsible for maintaining a supportive learning environment at ISKL.

Elementary School Code of Conduct

Our early learners are guided by ‘The Melawati Way’, a code of behavior that encourages students to ‘Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others, and Take Care of This Place’. The Melawati Way is named after our previous Elementary School campus and has helped shape the attitudes and behavior of thousands of students since it was first introduced in 1997. All students are expected to follow the Melawati Way and make a difference by:

  • Taking care of myself
  • Taking care of others
  • Taking care of this place

The Melawati Way provides a framework for students and teachers to work together in a thoughtful, caring and polite environment. We emphasize positive personal character traits like cooperation, courtesy, empathy, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility. Our school culture emphasizes a caring and harmonious environment that allows for learning to happen.

Middle School Code of Conduct

In the Middle School, our code of conduct is based on our Core Values of Honesty, Kindness, Respect and Responsibility. 


  • I am accountable for my actions.
  • My work is original.


  • I encourage the involvement of everybody.
  • I accept diverse opinions.
  • I acknowledge and complement the work of others.


  • I give my best effort.
  • I dress, act and speak appropriately.
  • I am polite and courteous.
  • I leave the classroom setting as I found it.


  • I come prepared and on time to class, with my laptop charged.
  • I complete homework to the best of my ability.

High School Honor Code

This ISKL Honor Code is the foundation for our expectations of students as members of the ISKL community.  The statements below are used to guide our participation in learning and our interactions with each other at ISKL.  As a member of the ISKL student body:

  • I acknowledge that the purpose of attending ISKL is to enhance the development of my mind, and to improve the way I function within a community and relate with others.    
  • I acknowledge the importance of living ethically in school and within the community. I recognize that individuals are responsible and accountable for their own choices.    
  • I acknowledge that all people have intrinsic worth and I appreciate diversity of all kinds in our environment. I embrace and promote diversity in order to further my own and others’ development as respectful and open-minded students.     
  • I believe that we should base our social relationships on mutual respect and concern. 
  • I realize that my words and actions can affect another individual’s participation in our community, and as such will endeavor to communicate effectively and collaborate constructively with those around me.    
  • I acknowledge that all individuals are entitled to their own opinions, and I respect their freedom of expression.    
  • I strive to extend my knowledge through my work in order to develop my own way of thinking. I acknowledge that plagiarism has negative effects for myself and for others. 
  • I understand that academic malpractice curtails my ability to learn.    
  • I acknowledge that theft damages the positive learning atmosphere and trust present within our school community. 
  • I will respect the personal property of all others.    
  • I accept that harassment of any form has a negative impact on our school community, and as such I strive to maintain the positive atmosphere of our school.
  • I acknowledge the importance of our environment and I endeavor to do my part in order to make the school a more environmentally friendly community.