Elementary School Life

Parent Communication
A great partnership between home and school is essential for students’ success at ISKL. In order to promote effective two-way communication, the Early Childhood program and Elementary School employs various methods of communication using technology. Seesaw and Story Park are students’ online learning platforms that regularly communicate student learning to parents. In addition, parent and student-led conferences scheduled throughout the year provide mutliple opportunities for students to share their learning with their parents. Parents are welcome to schedule a conversation with teachers, counselors, and the school on matters that pertain to their children’s learning and well being. In true partnership, the counseling team, library and media center, teaching and learning, parent association, and administration provide a range of parent education and information sessions on a variety of topics that will further enrich the educational experience of children at ISKL. Parents are actively involved in various learning engagements both in and out of the classroom as volunteers, guest readers, and resource speakers.
School Day
Elementary school hours are from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm. For Prep Reception and Prep Junior, the school hours are from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
Busing Services

ISKL runs a safe and efficient bus service for the convenience of students and parents. All routes are monitored by a ride-along bus assistant, who will drop off students at their home or nearest designated location.

An adult must accompany an Elementary School student to the bus pick up location and collect the student at the drop off point. Students not met by the designated adult will return to school to await pick by their parent. You can contact the school busing office at +603 4813 5070 or click here for more information.

Students are expected to wear the appropriate school uniform. Children in Grade 1-5 wear the blue ISKL uniform shirts and Preps have blue or yellow ISKL t-shirts. All students are expected to wear navy blue bottoms (shorts, skirts or pants). Students in Grade 1-5 are required to wear the ISKL PE uniform, athletic shoes, and a hat for PE class. ISKL shirts, t-shirts shorts, skirts and PE uniform are available for purchase at the Panther Hut.
Identity Cards
ISKL students are issued an ID card. ID cards are required for campus access, cashless pay system (Panther Pay), and checking out books from the library. All elementary student ID cards are kept with the teachers.
Dining Facilities
Students in Prep Senior and Grade 1-5 have an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch menu, including western and local dishes. ISKL employs a dietician who provides advice regarding nutritional balance and healthy preparation practices. Students may also bring their own food from home. Each child is issued a reusable Panther Pay ID card onto which money is credited.
Red Hats
Every Grade 5 student has the opportunity to serve on the Red Hat Leadership Team. The Red Hats make the morning announcements, assist at school assemblies and coordinate many community service projects. Red Hats are role models for other students as they follow the Melawati Way.
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