Prep Senior

Language Arts
During shared literacy sessions children become actively involved with books, words, pictures and ideas. Alphabet knowledge and writing are introduced in a meaningful context building on each child’s prior knowledge and readiness.

World Language: Students attend world language class in either Spanish or Chinese.

Children explore mathematical concepts and develop the language of mathematics through using concrete materials and active investigation. Integrated learning experiences guide children through number sense, sorting, patterning, geometry and measurement.


Learning experiences stimulate practice of skills and support discussion of concepts. Science begins with observation and investigation of the immediate environment using the five senses and leads into inquiry about animals and natural materials around them.

Social Studies
Children identify ways to take care of themselves, their classmates and their environment before inquiring into how other people in our community can help us.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Students attend specialist lessons with qualified and experienced art, music and physical education teachers. Fine and gross motor activities are integrated into indoor and outdoor learning activities and play.

Each classroom has a smart board, and access to a wide range of technology tools including computers and iPads. Green screen recording and a Maker Space add extra dimensions to learning enhanced by technology integration.