Prep Reception & Junior

Language Arts
Through a balanced literacy program, children develop oral language and emerging literacy skills. Shared reading activities develop concepts of print and a love of reading.

Beginning mathematics skills and concepts are developed through hands on activities using a rich range of resources.

Integrated Science and Social Studies
Curiosity is stimulated through observing, investigating, reflecting and exploring in indoor and outdoor learning areas and gardens. Children develop social learning about themselves and others through interactions and dramatic play in a culturally diverse and dynamic learning environment.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Mastery of fine motor skills follows the development of gross motor skills. Children ride, swing, climb, balance and jump to build large muscle coordination. Fine muscle development grows through manipulating small objects, cutting, gluing and painting.

Play & Outdoor Learning Spaces
Outdoor learning environments provide spaces where children can play, take risks, explore, experiment and make decisions. Children take responsibility for their actions, solve problems and develop confidence.

Cooking is integrated into learning plans to promote mathematical, scientific and literacy development. Cooking is one of many opportunities for students and parents to share their cultural heritage with friends.