Tiana Nelson

Tiana Nelson - ISKL Faculty/Parent

My first year as a Middle School teacher has confirmed that ISKL lives up to its strong international reputation. What stands out immediately is that faculty, staff, and students, are genuinely excited to be here. It's an engaging and nurturing, yet challenging learning environment.

My husband and I are also impressed with the programs of study, activities, and extracurricular opportunities provided for our two daughters in the elementary school. In the past week alone our kids were able to work with a visiting poet in class, participate in several different after-school sports and clubs, and volunteer in a local children's hospital on the weekend.

At ISKL, there truly is a focus on the whole child. When our friends and family at home inquire about how our kids are adapting, the answer is always the same. They are thriving. We all feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the ISKL family.


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