Panthers Of ISKL #50- Hannah A. & Rushdan S.


Panthers Of ISKL #50- Hannah A. & Rushdan S. - The Young Leaders

This week we meet up with fifth graders, and Red Hats, Hannah A. and Rushdan S., who represented the Red Hats at the Student Leadership Forum held at the Robert B. Gaw Theatre last October. The Red Hats at ISKL are role models for their younger peers as they demonstrate the Melawati Way, as well as helpers in the community, performing tasks such as reading the morning announcements and participating in charity drives.

Here, along with student leaders from the Middle School (MS) StuCo and High School (HS) Student Leadership Teams (SLT), they enlightened the ISKL community on what it means to be a Red Hat and the responsibilities that go with it.

Here are their stories.

Hannah A. ('28)

"I was pretty happy and excited about participating as a Red Hat in the Student Leadership Forum.

'The Red Hats are 5th graders who act as role models to the younger students. We have to work together to be role models and set an example for the younger students. A skill I learned was teamwork. I learned how to work with others, even if I didn't know them. The Red Hats also learn a lot about responsibility. We study how to be a role model by showing other students what to do - we are like the voice of others that don't have one.

'Being a Red Hat has helped me gain confidence and overcome shyness. The great part about being a leader is that people trust you and come to you for advice - and that's how you can help others.

'During continuous learning, there was a charity drive organized for the Chin refugees. I decided to help out by collecting food and donating some too. During the week that I helped, they had two or three times the amount of food they usually have as so many people were donating. We also got to collect and count the funds raised, which was exciting! I enjoyed the drive, as it was great knowing that people will be much happier with all the stuff we've donated to them. I think that's the best part!

'When I grow up, I aspire to be a microbiologist, and I would need these leadership skills to work with others so I can create a vaccine!

'At ISKL, you have fun while you're learning, and also, they bring you deeper into the subject. Although I am relatively new at this school, I've already learned so much!"

What does "Be All You Are" mean to you?

"It means to do the best you've got. Try your best, and push yourself to the limit. Keep learning and growing!"



Rushdan S. ('28)

"It was an excellent opportunity for me to be included in the Student Leadership Forum. Hannah, my co-speaker, and I introduced ourselves and our goals in life during the forum, answering questions about what privileges the Red Hats have, how the Red Hats lead others, and what happens if it is taken away.

'I felt very grateful to be invited to speak, but at the same time nervous because it was in front of older students. They're so much more responsible and capable, and it was nerve-wracking at the start when they were using vocabulary like 'Student Council' - I didn't even know what that was! 'That day, I learned that the Red Hats are not the only school leaders. There's also the MS Stuco and HS SLT, who are leaders for their respective schools.

'Through the program, I've learned how to be independent and work better with others. Red Hats get special privileges, and I've learned how to use this privilege correctly because if you misuse it, your leadership role will be taken away."

'My brother Arman graduated from HS last year and said to me that I need to be responsible for myself, so I think being a Red Hat helps with these leadership skills. I've learned that 'with great power comes great responsibility' - that quote is definitely correct!

'As a Red Hat, we get to guide the rest of the students and be the people that the younger students want to look up to. The Red Hats want everyone else to turn into role models like them and be a good person. Also, it's good training because we all need leadership skills later in life, and if you are not appropriately trained, you might not get opportunities.

'The Red Hats are in charge of making the ES morning announcements, and coincidentally, it was my turn to make last week's morning announcement! Furthermore, two of my friends and I also helped our teacher interview some Grade 3 students on what motivates them to carry on their Passion Project even when school was closed.

'The hardest part about being a Red Hat is knowing how to use the responsibility because you don't want to abuse it. In ISKL, if you misbehave even though you're a Red Hat, you will get a warning. However, it feels good knowing we are leaders, to train us further in life - I'd say it's the best part about being a Red Hat!

'When I grow up, I want to be an astrophysicist, and ISKL is leading me to that road. In school, we do a lot of space-related things - this year, we are learning about matter and everything, which will be very exciting. ISKL has so many great opportunities for students, and even for parents - it's a great school!

What does "Be All You Are" mean to you?

“It means to be myself. I know that even if anyone's different, that person is unique. Just be yourself, as there is only one of you.”

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