PANTHERS OF ISKL #15: Naruma- ISKL’s Cleaner and Avid Gardener!

Today we catch up with ISKL cleaning staff, Naruma, who is one of the wonderful people ensuring that our beautiful campus thrives. Often seen at the Middle School Food Technology garden, green-fingered Naruma spends much of her spare time helping with watering and harvesting the produce. Here we get to know a bit more about her and why she loves gardening so much!

Naruma gardening at ISKL"I work as a cleaner here at ISKL, and I love gardening because it has been my hobby since childhood.  I love to see all these plants staying healthy and thriving. When we moved to this new campus building, there were many challenges in finding a water resource to water them. But I found a way to water them to ensure these plants could survive. Although no one has asked me to do this and it is not under my job scope, I am happy to help. You will usually find me around the Middle School Food Technology garden and helping with picking and collecting the fruit and vegetables.

‘So far, I have also planted papayas and long beans at the rooftop garden. When all the teachers are on leave, I will help water them. Just looking at flowers or fruits makes me feel so happy. I come to see and water them every day - I don't want them to die.  During this Movement Restriction Order, I was feeling worried about whether the plants can live. Thankfully there is plenty of rain so I believe these plants can survive through it all.”


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