Cheyenne Tang

Cheyenne Tang, Alumnae '17

Being a part of the ISKL community for eleven years taught me so much about who I am as a person. Academically, I learned what my style of learning is and doing the IB program taught me how to be self-motivating. More importantly, ISKL taught me how to be confident in who I am. I always knew I was different just because I was living in Malaysia, but until I came back to Boston to attend Northeastern University, I never realized how much being part of an international community impacted my life. I learned so many valuable life lessons from my teachers, coaches, and peers at ISKL. So many of my experiences that I had at ISKL are experiences that people don’t usually have until much farther along in their careers. I had the opportunity to be a student leader and to learn from so many talented students and faculty members. I’ll always cherish my memories from ISKL and want to thank everyone who was a part of my journey there.


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