Department of Pawsitivity

Message from the Head of Pawsitivity

panther pawsitivityHello everyone,

This is Panther - Head of Pawsitivity here at ISKL. I’m the furry friend and chief cheerleader that comes to all ISKL’s amazing events to cheer on our students who are also known as Panthers!

My job is to share ISKL spirit, fun times, and all the great things that take place across our community. I’m also responsible for Panther Pride which means I get to take part in all the different activities that take place at our pawesome campus.

If you’re an ISKL community member and you’d like to share your pics, videos, and other fun stuff with me you can access my Department of Pawsitivity here:

ISKL’s Department of Pawsitivity

Or, if you are thinking about joining our amazing ISKL community why not take a virtual tour and explore our campus? We’d love to show you more of our pawsitively furrtastic school!

Meow for now,

Panther BA (Caring), MSc (Kindness), Ph.D. (Fun)







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