The Power of Naming: Getting Acquainted with Nature


The Power of Naming: Getting Acquainted with Nature

This article has been slightly amended and was initially written by ISKL's High School (HS) Service & Sustainability Team.


Did you know that we have an edible garden at our school? Do you know where it is? Any guesses as to what is growing there?

ISKL edible garden project

Yes, the flags give away the location – right at the amphitheater, across from the Panther Hut and the ATM. Now, look at the photos – how many of the plants can you name?

ISKL edible garden project

These are a kind of citrus fruit hanging from the small tree in the front. 


ISKL edible garden project corn tree

You may recognize the corn plants growing tall. At the bottom of the flower bed are some sweet potato leaves.


ISKL edible garden project okra

Can you see an okra growing upside down in the photo?

Check out the chalkboard by the ATM to find out the latest news on our growing plants!

Dr. Jane Goodall, a famous primatologist, said that naming animals and plants changes our attitude. At the World Economic Forum in January 2020, she talked about the importance of naming trees to care more about their presence and place in the ecosystem to save them.

So, in our everyday life, we can also do the same to get better acquainted with the natural world around us. By trying out some plant-naming apps and animal-identification applications, we can also learn the plants’ and animals' names in our neighborhood.


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