On Couples’ Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills


On Couples’ Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills - Ph.D. Researcher Francois Bogacz Talks to International Baccalaureate (IB) Psychology Seniors

University of Geneva researcher and ISKL parent Francois Bogacz recently gave Year 2 IB Psychology class students a virtual talk about his research on communication and conflict resolution skills between couples.

Held on January 28, the informative session showcased Mr. Bogacz’s research and insights gathered from his experience studying couples, and shared their scientific methods for conducting his study, as he is currently pursuing a part-time doctorate at the University of Geneva researching conflict management and prevention.

"This corresponds to the unit the students are working on about Human Relationships, including forming relationships, communication, and why relationships end," shared ISKL teacher Becky Naughton, who organised the class talk.

As the talk progressed, Mr. Bogacz allowed students to raise questions on anything they were curious to know about or anything they wished he would elaborate on. Senior student Arif A., for example, had a question about the different ways to solve conflict, and the role of mediation. Here was Mr. Bogacz response:

“Often, when faced with an issue, couples try to solve problems using an existing pattern of communication which doesn’t usually bear the solution. One of my key messages is that they need to learn how to approach the problem in a different way that is different from what they are used to.”

Mr. Bogacz also talked about the importance of mediation when solving conflict.

“Research I’ve done has shown various comparisons between mediation and other techniques used to solve conflict. It is very useful to have an external party to help look at issues between couples and other opposing forces as more often than not, individuals who consider themselves as mediators and try to solve problems between themselves and others fall short. This is why when things escalate, mediators of a third party play a critical role in resolving and sorting out problems.”

Thank you to Mr. Bogacz for sharing his extensive research with our seniors! His visit marks an invaluable opportunity for our ISKL Seniors, providing them with ample examples to witness the real-world application of the theory and concepts they currently learn in class.

Mr. Francois Bogacz is currently pursuing a part-time doctorate at the University of Geneva, researching conflict management and prevention, and works in consultancy, designing custom learning experiences for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) market in energy, utilities and media industries.

Becky Naughton is a High School IB Psychology and Economics teacher who also holds a chair in the faculty association. She has been a teacher at ISKL since 2017, enriching the minds of students through her keen intellect and infectious enthusiasm for the subjects which she loves. Outside of teaching, Becky greatly enjoys the great outdoors, reading literature, and travelling to experience and immerse herself in various cultures and environments.