Your Voice in Middle School 


Your Voice in Middle School

ISKL middle school students

One of ISKL’s goals is to support students in developing the 21st Century learning skills necessary to be socially responsible global citizens in an ever-changing world. Part of the learning experience is to create opportunities where students develop their ability to think creatively, communicate effectively and become successful leaders in the future. An example of this is in Middle School, where students put these skills into action by becoming members of the Student Council (StuCo) where they learn to collaborate together, sharing ideas and taking part in meaningful discussions.

Here, StuCo leadership team members Kaatje P., Ellie T. and Shreya D. share their thoughts on StuCo and its mission for 2020.  

What is Student Council? 

Student Council (StuCo) is a welcoming group of people that everyone in middle school is free to join. In StuCo, we plan upcoming events such as the MS party or TAG days. The MS party is an event that everyone in middle school is open to go to. TAG days allow students in Middle School to wear free dress if they pay an RM10 fee for a charity. Sometimes, we have a theme for the free dress connected with the charity. For example, last year we raised money for the victims of the tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Other times the money goes to StuCo to help plan events.

Student Council Leadership Team - Kaatje P., Grade 7 

New Structure for 2020 

StuCo has a new structure so that everybody will feel included. We will not be holding any elections because there are a lot of new students. Instead, there are 3 parts of StuCo. StuCo Members will help plan events that we’ve had previously as well as new ones. StuCo Leaders will lead different committees of StuCo Members towards some common goals. The StuCo Officers will be in charge of handling money, talking to the administration and creating relationships with other parts of the school.  

Student Council Leadership Team - Ellie T., Grade 8  

Purpose and Importance of Student Voice

A big part of StuCo is to make sure students’ voices are heard and shared during events at ISKL. An important goal for StuCo is to bring exciting and engaging ideas to ISKL and part of that is making sure students share their ideas. Students should know that if ideas occur to them they should be shared. It is important for students to share their voice so they feel comfort and belonging at ISKL, which StuCo hopes to see throughout the whole year.

Student Council Leadership Team - Shreya D., Grade 8  

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