UN SDGs and HS Service and Sustainability Clubs


UN SDGs and HS Service and Sustainability Clubs

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There is importance relating to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to think about what can be done locally to make a difference within our school community and partner communities in Kuala Lumpur.

It has also been discussed for the need for our students to acquire 21st-century skills, such as the ones articulated by the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. Our students need to be able to find work and contribute to their respective communities and societies that they will join in the future.

So what have our HS Service and Sustainability clubs been doing to nurture the above in practice? Here is a short round-up with the club webpage links.

The H4H Club officially became known as the Habitat for Humanity, with its campus chapter being approved by the Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong. The process has taken time and energy from its club members and advisors in the past few years as but at the same time marks a fantastic milestone for them! The Gardening Club has been experimenting with planting and composting and tasting some of the fruits of their labor. The Earth Club continues to lead by example through their monthly community recycling. Spring Fest happened in March, and the Service Council ensured that food and drinks served used our canteen bowls, plates, and glasses. These clubs and Green Council have been meeting regularly to plan different awareness-raising events for Earth Week in April, including the annual Eco-Market.

Through the work of the above groups and different CAS projects that have been in collaboration with them, our students are exploring and practicing different approaches to a sustainable lifestyle.

For their work to further develop and become different types of actionable items, our students need to continue to affirm and support what they intend to achieve and acknowledge the steps taken to date in the same way as they do for their academic learning progress. It's been experiential learning, which is putting into action the knowledge gained in the classroom.


High School (HS) Service & Sustainability Team.

This article has been slightly amended and was originally written by ISKL’s High School (HS) Service & Sustainability Team.

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