Sleep and Its Role in Health & Development’ - a Workshop with child development expert, Jane Thompson


‘Sleep and Its Role in Health & Development’ - a Workshop with child development expert, Jane Thompson

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Sleep is one of the most commonly discussed topics and concerns amongst parents, with many households facing challenges in getting their children to have a good night’s sleep.  

On March 2, parents were invited to a workshop with an internationally renowned child development expert, parenting coach, and early intervention specialist, Jane Thompson.

A frequent guest speaker at ISKL, Jane, led a workshop entitled 'Sleep and Its Role in Health and Development', which explores the sleep requirements for growing children at different stages and the consequences of not meeting them. 

She also worked with parents on creating strategies for the home that will help family members achieve restful nights to meet the demands of their busy lifestyles.

With a full room of parents in attendance, there was much valuable feedback on the workshop.

Here is what some parents had to say:

"As a family who struggles with sleep, I wanted to come and hear Jane speak. She did an excellent talk on boundaries last year, which I found very helpful as a parent. Today's workshop was extremely helpful as it reinforces that if you are looking to make changes for sleep - you also need to ensure that you are keeping those boundaries with your kids. Staying firm is so important. Any changes that you do incorporate for your family to get better sleep - they must always be the same expectations for your kids. Jane has helped me understand that". ~ Ann S., parent to a Prep Senior student

"I feel that this topic is perfect for parents. I have a Middle Schooler and an Elementary Schooler, and I already have encountered this problem. Recently, I had an issue with my Middle Schooler, and getting him to sleep because sometimes he was not able to finish his homework on time, resulting in him sleeping late. So after exploring the topic today, I think I need to have a talk with my son about how to manage his time more efficiently and find a way to ensure he can go to sleep earlier and get better quality sleep". ~  Ping H., parent of Grade 4 & 7 students


"It was very informative. There was a lot of scientific research in the workshop - and it gives us the empowerment to force our kids to sleep". ~ Mei L., parent to a Grade 7 Student


Many thanks again to Jane for her amazing tips which were both insightful and informative.

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