Preparing for IASAS Music Convention 2020


Preparing for IASAS Music Convention 2020

Jaymin Baird, HS Music Teacher 

High-caliber auditions recently took place for the 27 spots on the music team for IASAS Cultural Convention which will take place on March 6-8, 2020. The competition was tough and the 8-member teams for strings, vocals, and band have been chosen along with three pianists.

The IASAS Cultural Convention for music is being held at the International School of Bangkok (ISB) and musicians will participate in three events - mass ensemble, solo, and octet. For the mass ensemble event, ISKL’s musicians join up with the delegates from the five other IASAS (International School Bangkok, International School Manila, Jakarta Intercultural School, Singapore American School, and Taipei American School) schools to create a large band, string orchestra, and choir. They learn multiple pieces before the convention and then during the convention, they work under the direction of a guest conductor to master these pieces which are performed at the closing concert on Saturday.

Each student chooses, studies, interprets, and performs a Classical solo piece for the solo event. They receive an adjudication and short clinic with one of the judges. It is not easy to put themselves out in front of the crowd and be so exposed, but their confidence, perseverance, and talent always shine through.

For the octet event, the 8-member teams in each discipline from each school learn substantial and high-level pieces as a small ensemble, which are performed at the convention for a team of judges. Feedback is given and the groups do a brief workshop with the judges. The top pieces are selected to be performed at the Friday night concert along with the top solos.

This event is rewarding and life-changing for these 27 students and the High School music teachers are extremely excited to start work with their 2019-2020 teams.

About Jaymin

Jaymin Baird is the High School Choral teacher at The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) and holds an MA (Music Education) and B.Mus (Music Education). Jaymin is a passionate believer in the importance of music education and its role in helping to create well-rounded students. She hopes that all of her students find joy in music and remain life-long musicians.


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