Middle School Students Think Global, Act Local


Middle School Students Think Global, Act Local

ISKL encourages students to make positive changes in the world around them by thinking globally and acting locally. Middle School student Edwin, recounts how he and his fellow Grade 6 students decided to take action to address the impact of climate change by initiating a tree planting project at ISKL’s campus.

Drops of sweat dripped down our faces as we dug. We clutched our shovels in our red, sore hands, scooping dirt out of the hole as we were digging.

When given the chance to utilize precious school hours to do something that we cared about, we immediately decided to help our Earth. Our school called this Agency 3.0 and gave us this opportunity to pursue our dreams and do what we wanted to do. Agency allows all students to pursue their dreams and do what they want to do so that they can all become who they’re meant to be.  At first, we wanted to raise money to plant trees, but this idea quickly evolved and changed to not only planting trees, but also spreading awareness for global warming.

To plant these trees, we needed to get permission from our school. We talked to Ms. Izyan Nadirah, the Fields and Grounds Manager at ISKL. We asked her about what type of plants we could plant at the school, and how to plant them at the school. She suggested for us to plant in the morning when the sun wasn’t completely up. As this did not give us a lot of time, very early in the morning, our agency team went to plant the trees. The money for the trees came from our own pocket, one person from our team went to buy a mango tree and we all paid him back for his good deed. The other tree was donated by Ms. Williams, a Grade 6 humanities teacher who willingly helped us throughout the agency. We are not done yet though we are planning to plant more and more trees to educate more and more people about our endangered earth. After that, we will spread awareness about deforestation on the MS bulletin, and now as you read this I hope you will also help us on the journey to SAVE THE TREES!

Middle School kids planting trees


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