ISKL’s High School Virtual Choir Performs in Star-studded Global International Live Stream Broadcast “Call to Unite.”


ISKL’s High School Virtual Choir Performs in Star-studded Global International Live Stream Broadcast “Call to Unite.”

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On Saturday, May 2, 2020, The ISKL High School virtual choir took part in a 24-hour live stream global broadcast “The Call to Unite,” celebrating a worldwide shared call to action to lift spirits and connect people in the face of a global epidemic.

The Livestream, which aired on various social media platforms, conveyed inspirational messages from outstanding performers, visionaries, and leaders such as Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Naomi Campbell, Deepak Chopra, Steve Aoki, Jay Shetty, Quincy Jones, and Marie Kondo.


Under the tutelage and direction of High School choral teacher, Jaymin Baird, the ISKL High School virtual choir of 46 students, performed a singing piece called “North.” The singing piece was written by musical band, Sleeping at Last, with choral arrangements by George Chung.

Jaymin said, “The piece ‘North’ was supposed to be a combined piece for our High School spring choir concert - a tradition that is special to our choral community. It’s a culmination of our year’s progress and a time to acknowledge our seniors.”

She went on to explain how plans changed during the Movement Control Order, and ISKL moved to virtual learning. She added, “We knew that we wanted to continue to celebrate the seniors and finish our year off with as much authenticity as possible, so we poured our souls into this virtual choir project.”

The whole virtual project was produced and co-ordinated internally thanks to a fantastic team effort by students, sound engineering by Middle School/High School Music Assistant Ashton Anthony, together with the promotional assistance of the marketing team.

Most noteworthy was the excellent video projection work created by choir members and High School students, Rebecca C. from Grade 12 and Ann G. from Grade 11.

When asked to describe their feelings on the project, Rebecca said, “Wherever you are in the world right now. If you are at home or away from it, I hope that this singing piece sends its message to you. The feeling of being surrounded by loved ones, of belonging somewhere, and of being home. In these times where many of us feel adrift from regularities of our daily lives, let these voices reach out to remind you that music unites us all and, in its way, is our universal home.”

Ann G. added, “This project has been a labor of love. As choir students, we are so used to the feeling of being in tune with a group of people when we made our music. The desire to keep the song alive and share it with people all around the world in these difficult times remind me of the power of music to bring people together.”

ISKL was fortunate to be part of the incredible 24 hour medley of inspirational songs, dance, and meditation. It was the only international school selected and only one of three choirs to take part in this star-studded affair having been talent scouted by an agent in the United States.

Jaymin concluded, “Understanding the lyrics with the students and hearing the stories and insightful thoughts about the messages within this song were the highlight of my teaching year. I hope that their performance will fill our hearts and souls- allowing all to appreciate music and the power it has to unite us all.”

Following is an extended video where the production crew explains what happens behind the scenes.


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