Inclusive Schools Week and Community Partnership


Inclusive Schools Week and Community Partnership

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Last December 2019, we celebrated Inclusive Schools Week (ISW). ISKL’s High School Daily Bulletin featured different clubs that advocate for causes needing to be more integrated into teaching and learning in general. Below is an example of the banner that the Special Children’s School of Ampang Community Partnership Club (SCSOA) made, which is hanging on the wall of the HS Service & Sustainability/ CAS Office between Pretz ‘n Beanz and the Busing Office.

donation campaign by students

And here is an update from ‘Within Malaysia’’s community partnership club:

‘Hey everyone! We are a community partnership club called ‘Within Malaysia’, and we work with Tasputra Perkim, a non-profit daycare center for special needs children.

During our weekly visits to Tasputra Perkim on Tuesdays, we do puzzles with the kids, jump on trampolines with them, sing to them as well as recite the alphabets and numbers to them to reinforce the skills that they learn during speech therapy. Our main goal is to create cheerful faces, both for the Tasputra kids and ISKL students.

During the International Fest in November 2019, we raised RM750 by selling homemade scrunchies, friendship bracelets, and art. The money that we raised will all go towards buying necessities for the kids, such as milk powder.

Since Tasputra Perkim is a non-profit organization, they rely on donations from the public to fund their therapy, care, and activities.


‘Within Malaysia.’

Inclusive School Week 2019 has passed, but what it started in terms of our awareness and advocacy work should be continued.

This article has been slightly amended and was initially written by ISKL’s High School (HS) Service & Sustainability Team.

Students helping at Special Children’s School of Ampang Community Partnership Club (SCSOA)


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