High School Service, Sustainability & Community Partnership - November 2019


High School Service, Sustainability & Community Partnership - November 2019

Service and Sustainability Events This Weekend and in November

Bye-Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB) is organizing a trash pick up day this Saturday, November 2, 2019. As part of their ongoing work, they have reached out to students across the school divisions to take part in trash pick up, along with the Trash Hero KL group on Saturday morning; meet at Pretz n’ Beanz at 9:00 am. 

A community partnership club working with Fugee School is hosting a 7-aside football tournament from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm on campus. This is to provide playing opportunities to the Fugee School students whose school in town does not have any sports facilities. Some of our Middle and High School students will be playing with them. A group of Fugee School students from Somalia and other countries visit ISKL on Thursdays, and this extra tournament event certainly enhances our ongoing community partnership.

Composting is happening regularly thanks to the initiatives of students, teachers, and ISKL families. Be sure to take your food waste to the appropriate bin in the canteens to pitch in!

Some students will be placing rice donation boxes throughout the HS area for Rohingya refugees. This CAS project brings attention to the Rohingya refugees, whose situation continues to need attention and help from different organizations.

The annual 24-Hour Race will take place at IGB International School on November 23 and 24, 2019. This is to raise awareness and funds for human trafficking and modern day slavery victims. The sheer energy of this event is amazing, so ask about joining a team if you are keen to contribute to this cause.

Talk to your friends, members of faculty and staff, and ISKL family members for joining these and other meaningful service opportunities on campus and beyond!  ~ HS Service & Sustainability Team  |  November 1, 2019

Service and Sustainability Updates This Week

The Fugee School 7-a-side football tournament was a huge success last Saturday! This provided a much needed playing opportunity to the Fugee School students with our Middle and High School students. See the video here, created by one of the student members of the club.

The rice collection for Rohingya refugees is going well; the collection boxes on the ground floor in the High School area are overflowing! At the same time, there are other donation drives happening around campus, so please ensure that donations are placed in the appropriate donation drive container.

Green Council has introduced the new food consumption concept of ‘climatarians’ in the HS Daily Bulletin this week. This is about our food choices based on how it is grown, harvested, transported, processed, and marketed. See the graphic.

Last week, members of faculty and staff, and the PTA President came together to discuss the ‘sustainability checklist’ for event organization on campus. This includes electricity and water usage, catering details (e.g. food choices based on the ‘climatarians’ concept and others; minimizing disposable cutlery, cups, plates; serving and storage methods, etc.), event products and props (e.g. signs that require laminating, no unnecessary event t-shirts and plastic packaging, etc.), and so forth.

Different initiatives and ongoing efforts for service and sustainability are happening around campus — together, we can achieve so much! 

~ HS Service & Sustainability Team  |  November 6, 2019




Service and Sustainability Updates This Week

International Fest is a major celebration of our diversity and collective talents. HS Service Council will be doing some fundraising to sell some products that are upcycled from school uniforms that are no longer in use. This is also to support an organization that works to empower women with skills to start up their own business, ‘Lady Ayaz Sewing Centre’ (see the picture below). They have sewn some lovely pencil cases and other goods on behalf of some students’ CAS projects last year.

Come and enjoy all the crafts, food, and cultural performances this Saturday! Our school is also working hard to make this a sustainable event, and your contribution to this by minimizing food, wrapping, and other kinds of waste, and helping out in any other ways to make this event a sustainable success, that would be greatly appreciated. 

~ HS Service & Sustainability Team  | November 15, 2019


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