For Growth and Good - Leadership Inspired at ISKL

For Growth and Good - Leadership Inspired at ISKL

 "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” YoungLeaders.World spread their message for growth and good at ISKL in September.

The events focused on fostering leadership and overcoming barriers, started with keynote talks by the very inspirational Chris Koch to upper elementary and middle school students. 

Born without arms and legs, Koch is no stranger to barriers but he also acknowledges that “everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” He believes everyone deserves empathy and when encountering our own struggles it’s all a matter of perspective. “I don’t see setbacks as huge barriers but as a great opportunity to really make a difference,” Koch says. 


Koch lives out this message in his everyday life, whether it is farming in Canada, traveling to multiple countries, bungee jumping or running his 8th full marathon here in KL, he rises to the challenge. And he makes a difference by spreading his message of “If I Can” in a fun and humorous way all over the world.



Koch’s message resonated with ISKL students. When asked for their key takeaways Natasha in Grade 4 said, "Chris is inspiring, funny, and crazy. I learned so much, but the most important thing I learned was that you should not be afraid of failure, you should be afraid of regret." 

Davis, also in Grade 4, excitedly responded, “Chris has inspired me to do other things that I have never done."

When asked what they learned from Chris, Colin in Grade 7 replied, “Chris taught me that you don’t have to be whole to be perfect.” 

Yura in Grade 8 learned, ‘It’s important to stay positive through difficult times.


Later in the week, Middle School and High School Student Leadership Teams took part in workshops delivered by Carla Culigetta and Tyler Waye co-founders of YoungLeaders.World. The students engaged in activities to identify their visions, values, mission, strengths and barriers for their school leadership goals. Student leaders were then challenged to set a new direction based on priorities and bring others along. 


At the end of the session, students were asked for words that described the experience. “Inclusive. Supportive. Motivated. Grateful. Guided. Happy. Encouraged.” These were all powerful words that resonated with the students. 


Often youth are encouraged to be the leaders of tomorrow. But ISKL students were shown how through every small step they can be the leaders of today.

The ISKL Inspiration Fund sponsored the entire visit of Chris Koch, Carla Cuglietta and Tyler Waye and the student workshops. We thank the ISKL Inspiration Fund for this wonderful and inspiring experience.






Chris Koch is a Canadian-born athlete, farmer and inspirational speaker who was born without limbs but has never let that stand in the way of achieving his goals in life. He travels around the globe spreading his “If I Can” message, inspiring and challenging many to live their lives to the fullest.

Carla Cuglietta is the Co-founder and Executive Director of YoungLeaders.World. Born in Canada, Carla is an educator, consultant, humanitarian and keynote speaker. She has won multiple awards for humanitarian work as well as her global youth leadership.

Tyler Waye is the Co-founder of YoungLeaders.World, President of IN.FORM series and a leadership strategist. He also wrote the book “I Went to School That Long for This?!: The Real Career Story… And How to Change It”. Tyler also has a YouTube channel where he publishes leadership development videos.

Trina Cobbledick is in her fifth year at ISKL and is the Grade 8 Learning Resource teacher. Trina is originally from the Canadian prairies. In her spare time, she loves to blog, read, travel, run and explore nature.



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