Celebrating Earth Week 2020


Celebrating Earth Week 2020: Just Remember To Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Restore, And Rethink!

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From April 20 - 24, our whole ISKL community celebrated Earth Week 2020, making pledges and commitments to change old habits and adopt new behaviors all for the greater good of our planet!

Despite these challenging times, there was a concerted effort to make a difference in the world, with both students, faculty, and families showing innovative and meaningful ways to help protect mother nature while at home.

Five mantras were introduced and practiced from Monday to Friday: Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Restore, and Rethink!

Here are some of the ways our students and faculty members made their pledges.

Monday - Refuse

Students chose to Refuse plastic straws and use metal instead, taking very short showers or using their bags for shopping! Some have refrained from buying new clothes and avoid fast fashion, while some students have decided to walk rather than drive.

Tuesday - Reuse

Some students have shown how easy it is to Reuse with simple objects or materials found at home. Some made handy toys or handbags made from old t-shirts while others embarked on gardening projects using items such as egg cartons. MS students also created fascinating artworks using second-hand items. 

Wednesday - Reduce 

Students and faculty shared how they chose to Reduce by using less electricity and opting for natural light and candles instead in celebration of Earth Hour. MS students shared beautiful photographs and artwork they had created of majestic landscapes or sceneries, truly appreciating nature at its finest.

Thursday - Restore

Students and faculty celebrated ways of showing how they pledged to Restore our planet. Some chose to start gardening DIY projects in their homes and balconies while others worked on creative arts and craft projects - using objects and materials around the house.

Friday - Rethink

On our final day of celebrating Earth Week, students and faculty made pledges stating how they plan to Rethink the way they lead their lives and make changes for the future. Some have decided to go meat-free and consume a more plant-based diet while others pledged not to use plastic anymore.

We can all be responsible and make an effort to remember to Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Restore, and Rethink!

Thank you, ISKL students and faculty for making Earth Day every day!

Watch our ES Heroes make their pledges here!

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