LanguageOne (Dutch Language Courses) at ISKL


LanguageOne (Dutch Language Courses) at ISKL

ISKL is delighted to host LanguageOne Kuala Lumpur at our Ampang campus.

LanguageOne is a leading international organisation that offers high-quality mother tongue programmes to students who grow up in an international environment. They provide Dutch language courses to children aged 2½ to 18 and the opportunity to develop their home language in a safe and enjoyable learning environment. Their Dutch language and culture programmes are complementary to the international curricula practiced at ISKL, and compliant with the Dutch core objectives and Flemish attainment levels in education.

LanguageOne started Dutch classes at ISKL in August 2018. This academic year, classes take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Middle School wing. LanguageOne teaches one group of grade 4,5&6 levels and they also have two groups of middle school students. Classes start at 3.15 PM and end 6.05 PM to assure all students can take the 6.10 PM bus.

LanguageOne is affiliated with the Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide and accredited by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education.

Visit LanguageOne Kuala Lumpur or its Facebook page for more information.

You may contact LanguageOne by e-mail at



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