K4K HKL Volunteer Program

The annual Kids 4 Kids Party was recently held at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital. ISKL K4K, also known as Kids 4 Kids, is a nonprofit organization where ISKL students volunteer to spend time with cancer children at the Pediatric Cancer Ward in KL Hospital. These students provided a brief respite of joy to these young cancer patients and their families by joining them to play games and conducts performances. Special guests from Astro, Dato' Khairul Anwar Salleh, our sponsor, Mr. David Hendicott of President ConocoPhillips, and local celebrity & comedian, Mr. Shahrol Shiro was also there to celebrate these brave young kids.

"You could see the relationships and the familiarity of our students with each one of the cancer patients. They knew each of the patient's names, and you could tell that our students made a difference in their lives,"

commented Mr. Farrington ISKL High School Principal. The relationship with KL Hospital has been going on for 15 years! That's amazing. This program begins in Grade 5 with our Red Hats, continues through Middle School, and then culminates in High School. This tradition is a proud testament to living our Mission, assuring each ISKL student develops as a socially responsible global citizen.