ISKL Choral Exchange Music Festival


ISKL Choral Exchange Music Festival

ISKL Choral Exchange Music Festival Under the direction of international composer, conductor, scholar and music educator, Dr. Andrea Ramsey, the Robert B. Gaw Theatre at Ampang Campus was serenaded with a fantastic celebration of music and culture on Saturday, January 20, 2018.

Special thanks to the many Elementary, Middle & High School students and our visiting friends from the International School of Guangzhou who spent the weekend being part of the fabulous Choral Festival. Kudos to Mr. Kevin Christensen, our music teacher for all the organization that spans over the years. As Kevin so eloquently stated,

"what a delight to have Dr. Andrea Ramsey; in addition to being an accomplished composer and conductor, she is a remarkable human being who gave our kids such powerful "gifts" of connectedness, the power of music and what it means to be human. It was hard not to have chills listening to the beautiful music which was on display by the Festival Choir."

Dr. Ramsey spent a full week with ISKL music students, teaching and sharing her knowledge culminating in the Choral Exchange music festival. Thank you, Dr. Ramsey, for this wonderful experience!



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