Impressive Standardized Test Results Highlight Exceptional Progress At The International School Of Kuala Lumpur

We have just completed our second round of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing for Middle School this year. MAP is an internationally recognized standardized test for assessing the growth and achievement of each student. The tests cover mathematics, reading, and language usage and are not based on the curriculum. We do not "teach to the test." Instead, the tests, which dynamically adjust to each student's performance, measure what students know.

Once the testing is complete, our teachers have access to real-time data and insights that enable them to develop strategies to stretch and support the learning of individuals as well as reflect on any big-picture curricular adjustments required.

As this year's data is analyzed, it is not a surprise to see such impressive results coming from our hard-working students. The graph below compares two data points for each middle school student: their August and February MAP Math scores. What is impressive is the high percentage of students who are on the right half, which shows high proficiency (those greater than 50% of all who take the test) as well as how many are on the top half, which shows those who grew or improved even more than expected. Recognizing there are natural ups and downs and that everyone has good and bad days, it is especially impressive to see and celebrate both the excellence and the incredible learning that has taken place during the year.

Standardized tests are one of many sources of learning data used at ISKL. The triangulation of results from testing as well as observations, discussions, and in-class activities enables our teachers to determine the best ways to support, encourage, and celebrate every student. In fact, if that sounds a lot like ISKL's mission to "challenge each student," you are right!

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