Game On at ISKL!


Game On at ISKL!

If you were passing ISKL’s campus at the end of last month you may have been wondering what was going on.  Battle cries, banners, and busloads of supporters can only mean one thing - it was game on at ISKL!

Over three tough, competitive sporting days, 150 visiting athletes from international schools across the region battled it out on the pitches of ISKL in the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS) Rugby (Boys) and Touch (Girls) Tournament.

Now in its 35th year of existence, IASAS involves six international schools (including ISKL) in Southeast Asia and is recognized as one of the premier international school activities and athletics conferences in the world. ISKL’s High School Activities and Athletics Director, Ryan Naughton, describes IASAS competitions as “one of the highlights of the school calendar” encompassing three different athletic seasons with 13 international tournaments as well as three different Cultural Conventions featuring Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Film, Debate, and Forensics.

Ryan continues, “The IASAS Conference typifies the benefits of an international school education, by giving students the opportunity to travel and compete with their peers across the region. While we were hosting the rugby tournament here at ISKL, we sent almost 20% of the High School to a basketball tournament at the Singapore American School, a swim meet at the International School of Manila, and a tennis tournament at the International School of Bangkok. It’s an amazing experience for our students to be able to compete at such a high level while also being able to forge positive relationships and friendships”.

Back at ISKL, three days of rucks, scrums, and tries were just the tip of the iceberg. They say it takes a village to raise a child and IASAS is truly a village event. “The effort that goes on behind the scenes is remarkable and the entire ISKL community works together as one united force to create an amazing sporting experience for the students and families coming to ISKL from the other IASAS Schools” notes Ryan.

All visiting students are hosted by ISKL families who provide beds, food, and transport. Behind the scenes, the ISKL parent-led Booster Club ensures visiting parents, coaches, supporters, and participants feel the love on campus.  “Our parent community and Booster Club does an awesome job in making visiting schools feel welcome, creating areas where they can relax between matches, food stands supported by volunteers, and parent guides to ensure visitors find their way around the campus. A big thank you to everyone involved!”




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