Top Scores Highlight ISKL's IB and AP Results

Top Scores Highlight ISKL's IB and AP Results

Students from The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) have achieved outstanding academic results in Malaysia's longest running International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP). This year, 3 students scored 44, placing them in the top 1% of all IB Diploma candidates worldwide (according to 2016 IB statistics). Complementing these top scores is the overall number of ISKL's IB Diploma students who scored 40+ points, which jumped from 16.5% in 2016 to 19% in 2017. These are great results for any IB Diploma program and we are enormously proud of our 83 kids who have earned their IB Diploma. Considering our open-enrollment (non-selective) approach, their average score (36.0), and individual scores are remarkable achievements that speak to the dedication of both students and faculty.


The overall ISKL IB average score was 35.6, comfortably surpassing the (2017) worldwide average of 30 and the (2016) Asia-Pacific average of 33. In fact, ISKL students have maintained a 35.1 average IB score over the past five years (2013 - 2017).

At an individual level, ISKL students also shined. Average subject scores for students passing the IB Diploma was 5.7 while the average subject score for all ISKL students taking IB exams was 5.6, our highest score in 5 years. The percentage of ISKL subject scores of 6 or 7 was a staggering 61%, also our highest in 5 years and more than double the worldwide rate of 29% (2016).



Contributing to ISKL's tradition of academic excellence, our students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses also shined. Compared to a worldwide average subject score of 2.9, the average ISKL subject score for students taking an ISKL AP class was 3.4 while an average score of 3.7 was achieved by all ISKL students taking AP exams. ISKL's



The sheer volume of IB students scoring so high is a testament to ISKL's program which enjoys the distinction of the longest running IB Diploma program in Malaysia. Since 1991, ISKL has supported more than 1,000 students to achieve the IB Diploma. ISKL is also the first international school, and the only one in Kuala Lumpur, offering Advanced Placement (AP) university preparatory courses. For ISKL students who chose to pursue the full IB Diploma, and for those who wish to take IB and or AP courses as part of their study, the rigor and focus can advance their prospects of acceptance to world class universities.


Unlike many IB programs around the world, the ISKL program is "non-selective" - meaning that any student is offered the opportunity to participate and is supported along the way. As a non-selective program, ISKL faculty work exceptionally hard to ensure that each student is mentored and supported throughout the challenging course of study. Despite offering the program on a non-selective basis, the IB Diploma pass rate stands at 97% over the last 5 years (2013 - 2017).


Running continuously since 2002, ISKL's IB Scholarship Program provides an outstanding educational opportunity for a limited number of Malaysian students of exceptional talent. To date, 26 Malaysian students have gone through our IB Scholarship Program and gone on to attend the world's finest universities including; Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Yale, London School of Economics, and others.

Note: The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) will not make some world data available until November. Information from the previous year has been noted for reference in some cases.




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