Novel Knockout

On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, ISKL Melawati hosted Kuala Lumpur's Novel Knockout! The KLLN (Kuala Lumpur Librarian Network) holds this event annually, and this is the first time ISKL Melawati has been the host. 11 schools competed from all over Kuala Lumpur - over 200 people were in the Melawati Studio, watching and participating in the event. Mr. Beau Cain (High School Librarian) was the MC, keeping the energy level high with a fun book trivia contest while the competition was going on!

Novel Knockout is a competition in which students read eight books and are quizzed on details - short answer on paper and multiple choice on the iPad - for a total of 160 questions per round. ISKL had two teams in the junior round, which is open to Grade 4 and Grade 5, and one team in the Middle School round. The contestants have read each book multiple times and have worked HARD to know as many details as possible about each one. They've helped each other during lunch recess, after school, and even at home - we are proud of their dedication and commitment.

After the competition, 90 pizzas were devoured by our enthusiastic competitors, teachers, and librarians, who were exhausted after hours of marking, scoring, cheering and organizing! It was a fun, successful event and a great opportunity to recognize our super readers at ISKL.

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