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ISKL Jazz Singers at TASPUTRA

ISKL Jazz Singers at TASPUTRA

On Friday, the ISKL Jazz Singers visited Tasputra; a day care centre for special needs and handicapped children. The ISKL Jazz Singers were invited to sing by Puan Elahe Norman, the Chairman of the organization. During their 30-minute performance, the staff members noticed a difference in some of the children in their level of engagement and interest. They saw things in the their children that they hadn't seen before. Our singers were equally touched and talked about trying to do this again for the children and perhaps to share some music lessons with the children to explore.

Our students are amazing. They are caring. They are compassionate. They are empathetic. This does not happen overnight, but rather over time. The value of giving back to others is instilled in our learners from their first day at ISKL in all divisions.

In so many ways, we have much to be proud of with our students.

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