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A Night of Showbiz: ISKL's Hamilton Live Mixtape

A Night of Showbiz: ISKL's Hamilton Live Mixtape

Wednesday night, March 29, 2017 the Robert B. Gaw Theatre was packed with an audience anxious to experience ISKL's live version of The Hamilton Mixtape. The show was student directed by our own senior, Lily Casey '17, with 25 high schoolers taking part in the production.

Her passion for musical theatre led to Lily's decision to create her own production. She stated, "personally in my senior year, I still wanted the opportunity to have some musical theatre and still keep that culture alive."

For her, Hamilton has always been her favorite musical since its release in 2016, so it wasn't difficult when it came to choosing one. "I just decided I'm going to choose a musical everyone loves, one that's very relevant and I'm just going to see who's interested."

Her determination and dedication towards this musical was demonstrated as she continued to ensure that everyone had a great experience — in ways that reflect the passion of the kids so that they felt like "they're not being forgotten about" and truly enjoyed this production.

Being a director has allowed her to see things from a different perspective, giving her - and everyone in the audience - an unforgettable experience.

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