Elodie Perotti

Elodie Perotti

Elodie Perotti, Full IB student, International Baccalaureate Name: Elodie Perotti

Curriculum: Full IB diploma student

What are your plans for life after ISKL?
Going to University, changing the world one step at a time and studying on becoming a teacher in Australia. 

If you are applying to Australian universities what do you plan to do in the break?
I am going to go live in Switzerland with my grandparents, find a job in a nursery and spend time with childhood friends. Make the most of it. 

What are you looking forward to most?
Graduation. In other words walking down the stage, but if you're talking about the future it would be living in a foreign country as I have never lived in Switzerland. But I am mostly looking forward to completing my own and independent adventure. 

What will you miss most about ISKL?
My friends, the community, the comfort, studying new things and the opportunities I was given.