Channels of Service During the Pandemic

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Published: Wednesday, 8 September, 2021

This article has been slightly amended and was initially written by ISKL’s High School (HS) Service & Sustainability Team.

In the second week of the new school year, we heard more about what students have been doing in community partnership efforts during the school holiday.

Another heart-warming story came from a Grade 12 student who joined the Rotary Club Malaysia to contribute to their service and advocacy work. In July, things got worse for many people due to further restrictions applied to businesses following the EMCO. It was reported that many could not earn enough money to provide for their family members, which led to the ‘White Flag’ movement. Various NGOs, businesses, and individuals in KL began collecting food and other essential items and set up food bank collection points across the city. The Rotary Club was amongst them, and our students actively contributed to the donation. 

We can all start somewhere. Other Grade 12 students proactively responded to the call for help through the Giving Bank’s food donation work. Our students asked their condominium’s management about posting the notice and setting up collection points. They received an overwhelming response and amount of items from their fellow residents! This was another great example of using social media and networks to collaborate and achieve a common goal as a local community.

One place to start within our ISKL community is the Service Channel. Anyone who is our school community member can post notices and ask for help or exchange information for service and sustainability-related matters. Check it out and start reaching out today!