Living in Kuala Lumpur

“Malaysia is a melting pot of a country. With its variety of religious celebrations, the marriage of modern high-rise and historical buildings, and a fascinating myriad of cuisines all make Malaysia stand out among the crowd within South East Asia.”


Bahasa Malaysia is the national language but English is also widely spoken, and people frequently mix both Bahasa Malaysia and English into their speech. Chinese and Tamil are also commonly spoken in Malaysia.


The national currency is the Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Foreign currencies can be changed at banks or authorized money-changers throughout the country. Traveler’s check can be cashed at banks and money-changers as well as used at larger department stores and shopping complexes.


Malaysia is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and 16 hours ahead of United States Pacific Standard Time (PST).


Electricity supply is on a 240-volt, 50-cycle system and the power sockets that are used are of type G.


Health care in Malaysia is excellent. There are first-class hospitals and medical facilities that are comparable to the best in the world. Medical care is also still relatively inexpensive.


Buses, taxis and trains are available in Malaysia. The train system in KL is modern and efficient. Buses are an inexpensive way to travel around Kuala Lumpur and bus routes are everywhere. Taxi services as well as Uber and GrabCar services are readily available. Flights into and out of Malaysia are plentiful and Kuala Lumpur is home to several regional and global carriers.

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