The Instructional Program

Required and Elective Courses

The Middle School program is designed to provide quality academic and social experiences in a supportive environment. Essentially there are two kinds of courses for all students; required and elective courses. The year-long required courses at all grade level are Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Physical Education. There are trimester-long courses also required, but they are different at each grade level. Year-long elective courses include World Language (French, Spanish or Chinese) and Band/ Choir/ Strings. Grade 6 students must take a World Language. Your child will have many other trimester-long electives to choose from, depending on their academic needs and previous choices. Students should have a wide variety of academic experiences in Middle School.


Each morning students begin the day with homegroups for twenty minutes. The primary purpose of homegroups is to build relationships. Faculty sponsors get to know students and students develop friendships with those from other grade levels.

Homegroups are also used for management issues and school goals. Attendance is taken and the daily bulletin is read during homegroups. A homegroup consists of one faculty member and 8-11 students who are from all three grade levels, balanced by gender and nationality.

Our Teaming Structure

In the Middle School, students will be divided among teaching teams. The Middle School defines teaching teams as groups of teachers who collaboratively plan for the academic success and social welfare of a shared group of students. Teaching teams meet weekly to monitor the social and academic welfare of their students. Together, they plan integrated experiences and celebrations for their team and communicate with parents regularly.


Teachers develop a variety of homework assignments, which may included daily practice, long term projects, completion of class work and preparation for class activities, tests and quizzes. Students can expect regular homework to be assigned from each of their subject areas. Generally, homework should be between one and two hours each evening. Sometimes you can expect your child to be finishing up work not completed during class. Other times it may be work on a project, practice or reading.  

Standards-based Assessment & Reporting

The gradebook is completely organized by student learning outcomes (standards). Learning Habits are recorded and reported separately from performance on Curricular Standards. While each class reports on Curricular Standards unique to the discipline, the Learning Habits on which students are assessed are common throughout the Middle School.

ISKL’s Standards Based Report Card is to provide a clear,  accurate and valuable snapshot of student learning,  based on reporting standards, at the end of each  trimester. It clarifies areas of strength and, potentially,  areas where additional time or effort are required.

Patricia Podorsek
Curriculum Coordinator
P: + 60 3 4259 5678


Class Size

Class sizes in the Middle School range between 18-22, with a cap at 24 students per class. 

You have some amazing teachers in both middle school and high school. Both my children have remarked on how good the teachers are even when they are struggling with the work.