Activities & Athletics

At ISKL, participation in a wide variety of co-curricular and student-selected activities is a vital part of our educational philosophy.

This type of participation is a privilege that requires responsibilities to the school, the activity, the student body, the community, and to the students themselves. These activities contribute immensely to the development of life-long learning skills enabling all High School students to maximize their educational experience at ISKL.

We encourage all students to participate in our extensive range of activities, it is essential that the planning of such participation includes a realistic balance and time management. There is something for everyone and we encourage all students to take part in at least one activity.

ISKL is a part of several international and local leagues, promoting healthy competition between both Malaysian schools and international schools.

  • IASAS: Formed in 1982, the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS) includes varsity-level competition among schools in Jakarta (JIS), Bangkok (ISB), Taipei (TAS), Singapore (SAS) and Manila (ISM) in sports, fine and performing arts and Model United Nations. 
  • ISAC: International Schools Athletic Conference 
  • ISAKL: International School Association of Kuala Lumpur
  • SEA Forensics: Our largest community outreach program, speech, debate and acting tournament in February of each year is a massive undertaking that requires the volunteer effort of coaches, teachers and parents.  


The mission of the Panther Activities & Athletics Department is to provide an exceptional Activities & Athletics experience to all students involved, to continuously pursue excellence in the classroom and on the field of play while promoting character development and leadership skills in all participants.



While the unique nature of each sport dictates its specific objectives, the athletics and activities department as a whole aims to:
  1. Conduct a program that strives to achieve a high level of interest and support of students, faculty, alumni, local community and other segments of the community.
  2. Employ an athletics and activities staff and coaching staff of integrity, knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities that enable programs for the mental, moral, and physical benefits of student-athletes.
  3. Administer and compete in IASAS,ISAC, and friendly fixtures with high ideals of integrity and sportsmanship.
  4. Provide student-athletes and participants with adequate access practice and competition facilities.
  5. Provide student-athletes and participants with support systems to promote academic success In addition to athletic success.
  6. Provide successful competitive athletic opportunities as well as non-competitive opportunities in the areas of fine arts and activities.
  7. Provide relevant information for all sports and activities to parents, faculty, and the ISKL community as a whole.
Participation at the Varsity level is generally limited to the most highly skilled players and those with the ability to interact constructively with other players for team success. The coaching staff, in consultation with the athletics directors, will determine the level of play for each student-athlete (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Junior Varsity ‘B’, and Freshman) based on what would be most beneficial to the progress and development of each player and team. It will be understood that playing time could be limited at certain levels and during certain times of the year.


Kevin Brawn 
High School Activities Director
P: +60 3 4259 5687