Educational Technology

We believe technology is a tool to improve learning.

Who teaches technology at ISKL? Everyone! Teachers, support staff, administrators, parents and students are using and sharing technology throughout the school day. All teachers integrate technology into the curriculum whenever it is feasible and constructive.

Technology plays an important role in the lives of the students and teachers. Computer resources include multimedia studios at both campuses and a high school Music/Midi Studio. Our Middle School students are provided MacBook Pros and our High School students bring their own laptops to school. Our Elementary School makes use of a more blended model where school-owned iPads are most prevalent in the early years while MacBook Pros and iMacs are abundant in our upper elementary classrooms. Other resources include SMART Boards, document cameras, digital video cameras, still cameras, digital voice recorders, and school-wide wireless access to the Internet.

In addition, we support learning and home-school communication through a variety of information systems such as Panther Apps powered by Google, PowerSchool and Moodle. We use Panther Apps for school-wide communication (email, sites, e-portfolios, docs, etc.) between students, faculty, staff and parents. PowerSchool provides parents and students in Grade 6-12 with real-time information on grades, attendance, homework, and teacher comments. Our Virtual Learning Environment for students and teachers in the lower grades is Google Sites while Grade 6-12 use Moodle.


Dave Neudorf
Director of Technology
P: +60 3 4259 5700