Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Annual Fund?

An Annual Fund is an organized effort to obtain monetary gifts on a yearly basis to support, at least in part, general operations of a nonprofit organization. At ISKL, contributions have historically been used to fund faculty projects that are faculty nominated and together enhance the educational experience of our student body. With roughly 80% of our tuition dollars going into faculty salaries, and the remaining 20% being spent on facilities, instructional expenses and longer-term capital expenditures such as refurbishing the current campuses, the annual fund serves to provide access to projects that improve the student experience on a daily basis and make ISKL a truly exceptional educational institution.
The Annual Fund is just what the name implies - it is a fund to support the students and programs in the current school year. This allows the fund to have much greater flexibility to support new initiatives and/or items that simply won’t be purchased unless the money is donated.


How is an annual fund different from a capital campaign or an endowment?

The Annual Fund is focused on the current school year and enhancing learning experiences for ISKL students now. It is repeated every year.

A capital campaign is a multi-year campaign to fund a particular project, such as a new school campus. Once the goal is reached, the campaign ends and is not repeated.

An endowment is a long-term investment designed to support the mission of an institution in perpetuity.


Why does ISKL need an Annual Fund?

Having an Annual Fund allows ISKL to receive and acknowledge charitable gifts from corporations, alumni, and parents. The Annual Fund gives the ISKL community a way to direct gifts to the school such that our current and future students can benefit directly from those gifts.


What are the goals for the 2012-13 Annual Fund?

The goal for 2012-2013 Annual Fund is to benefit current students immediately. ISKL would also like to build on the significant momentum of the past three Annual Fund drives, and continue to enhance the exceptional educational experience for our students.


What kinds of projects does the Annual Fund support?

The 2012-2013 Annual Fund has a defined set of projects. These proposed projects are in line with the school’s mission and educational goals. All projects were chosen from proposals from faculty for projects that provide direct impact to our students. They serve a range of areas, including, but not limited to: theatre, music, sustainability, technology, and cultural experiences. Further, this year Annual Fund supports two new areas: community service and scholarships.


How is the Annual Fund different from the fundraising done by the PTA and Booster Club?

The PTA does “fun-raising” for ISKL through social events such as International Fest and Quiz Night, and sales of items that support social life at ISKL such as school photos and student directories. The PTA awards all funds raised back to ISKL in the form of grants at the end of each school year.

The Booster Club supports Athletics and Fine Arts through grants which are funded by the sales of spirit wear and PAC Shack food and beverage sales.

Both the PTA and Booster Club are parent-run organizations. The Annual Fund is managed by the ISKL administration. It exists to solicit and receive charitable donations to the school. The Annual Fund works in partnership with the PTA and Booster Club to support the needs of students at ISKL in the current school year.

Giving Societies and Recognition Levels

Jalan Maxwell Circle
RM40,000 and above

Ampang Society
RM30,000 to 39,999

Melawati Society
RM20,000 to 29,999

1965 Society
RM10,000 to 19,999

Blue & Gold Society
RM5,000 to 9,999

Panther Pride Society
RM1,000 to 4,999

Panther Spirit Society
RM500 to 999

Friends of ISKL Society
RM10 to 499