Giving to ISKL

ISKL is proud of its culture of giving. Embedded in everything we do, from the Melawati Way to the School-wide Learning Results (SLRs), is the lesson to actively care for and respect ourselves, others and our environment. 

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of the school’s fundraising efforts.  Like many not-for-profit, parent-owned, parent-governed schools,  the Annual Fund helps bridge this gap by supplementing the school’s operating budget. There is no greater gift that our community can give to today’s students than an exceptional education.

Gifts collected are used for specific, faculty nominated projects that are completed as soon as funding is available.  This means an improved experience for our ISKL students now.  Community members can decide to give to specific projects or to give in a general manner toward any project of the greatest need.

When you invest in ISKL, we can retain outstanding teachers, bring innovation in to the classrooom, provide diverse co-curricular activities, enhance community service opportunities and sustain our remarkable path in educating global citizens.  Join us in helping ISKL move ahead in its quest for excellence.To make a gift or view our projects for this year please go to 2014-2015 Annual Fund.

Keep the variety of activities available and accessible to all the students. The opportunities they have to try new sports, clubs, etc... are amazing.